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Firmwide Updates on Social

In partnership with Project Access, Bridge is proud to provide essential on-site services including healthcare, education, community building, and economic assistance to residents of our Workforce and Affordable Housing communities. We are proud to be Superstar Sponsors for Project Access’s annual Keys to Success fundraising event, helping to raise almost $300,000. Learn more about our impact in our 2023 Workforce and Affordable Housing Report:

As the US macroeconomic outlook improves, so does our view and conviction for the single-family rental (“SFR”) sector. Chronic undersupply, increasing demand, ownership unaffordability, and institutional underinvestment support SFR’s strong outlook. Read more:

In our weekly Note, we occasionally pick a topic that shifts on us mid-week, and it is not always in our favor. However, this week delivered a pre-release surprise in the tentative resolution of the SAG-AFTRA strike (aka the “Actors’ Strike”), which reinforces one of the topics we focused on: the health of the labor market as a pillar of US economic resilience. More here:

For a third year in a row, Bridge Investment Group has been named a Top Workplace by The Salt Lake Tribune. The award is given based on employee feedback, and with just 32 Utah businesses awarded, we are honored to have made the list. Read more here:

October BIG Stars - Empowerment

Steve has worked at Bridge for over 8 years managing and executing the legal/closing activities of Bridge Debt Strategies. He is thoroughly and extensively involved on both the loan closing side of the direct lending business as well as the CRE CLO securitization aspect of our strategy. He bridges the gap in communications between the business side and legal side with outside counsel, negotiating detailed and complicated terms to get our investments all the way to close. In the last few years, he's helped navigate the convoluted and complicated real estate workouts on distressed assets/REO/foreclosures that have occurred due to the volatility of the markets. He is thoughtful and thorough in highlighting business risks to appropriate parties and focused on protecting investment structures and is adept at assessing risk regardless of where we are in the market cycle. Beyond BDS, Steve is also a BWN mentor for a female sr. associate and is an active member of CREFC.

Nicole has assumed a role that I don’t think many could fill based on its extremely demanding nature, let alone at the level of excellence in which she operates. Nicole works tirelessly and is unbelievably patient with a complicated product and client set. She regularly goes above and beyond her role in CSG to provide assistance to the product team she covers, all with a smile and cheerful attitude. Nicole’s ability to excel, is really exemplary as she's expanded from historical functions of her role to embed herself and integrate herself to the benefit of Bridge. It has been truly impressive to see her grow and develop in her time here at Bridge, where she’s become an expert in the field she covers within CSG while also being an incredibly kind person with a warm personality that lifts those around her. The CSG team is truly so glad we’re able to work with her. She’s a very worthy recipient of public acknowledgement for the great job she does on a daily basis.

Stephen King

Director, Transaction Execution

Bridge Debt Strategies

Nichole Brodkowitz

Associate, CSG

Client Solutions Group


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November Birthdays - Have a Great Day!

Abel Ruiz

Adelina Alvarado

Adriana Suarez

Agustin Alvarez

Ahmed Aldulaimi

Alex Jugant

Alex Romero

Alfy Morell

Allison Ramirez

Alva Pulver

Amador Segura Coria

Amirali Shalwani

Andrea Duarte

Andrea Garcia

Andrea Gonzales

Andrea Medina Lopez

Angela McFadden

Anna Hollingsworth

Annette Culverson

Araceli Wicochea

Artis Wimbush

Ashlee Ellis

Ashley Willis

Aston Morris

Benjamin White

Benson Floyd

Brendan Tovar

Caleb Case

Carlos Chavarin

Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos José Sinacori

Carlos Ortiz Rivera

Caroline Barboza

Caryl Barnes

Cat Vallayutham

Cesar Mora

Christine Luera

Christopher Osorio

Claudia San Juan

Claudio Garcia Borjon

Craig Andrus

Dana Brandle

Daniel Seiler

Daniel Sroka

Derek Lloyd

Dio Jimenez

Edgar Cardiel

Elha Ramos

Elisa Cardenas

Emiley Salinas

Emily Kimball

Emily Stubler

Evelyn Martinez

Evelyn Morera

Felipe Guevara Cruz

Franco Ocando

Geovanna Miller

German Gutierrez

Gesila Coleman

Gissella Villa

Greg Walters

Gregory Michaelides

Griffin Boyer

Hangli Shi

Hank Miller

Harris Durkovic

Hazael Anaya

Heather Kelly

Homero Vargas

Horacio Canales

Ian Empey

Ida Mulugetta

Iesha Jensen

Ignacio Castellanos

Jackelyn Rivera

Jacobi Craig

Jaleel Holmes

James Hollaway

Jared Alvarez

Jason Squires

Jay Cornforth

Jazmin Hernandez

Jeff Rouse

Jeffrey Markison

Jeidson Rodriguez Sosa

Jerry Lee

Jessica Diaz

Jessica Ponce

Jesus Trevino Hernandez

Jing Xu

Jon Clark

Jonathan Munoz

Jordan Cheng

Jordan Cook

Jorge Lopez

Jorge Lopez

Jose Bustos

Jose Pleites

Jose Romero

Jose Solorzano

Jose Trujillo

Juan Pelaez Junco

Judith Lossou-Lossavi

Justin Brimley

Kadir Gomez

Kane Boynton

Karen Johnson

Kassandra Murillo

Katie Elsnab

Kayla Brandell

Kayla Houston

Kelly Trahan

Kelvin Guerere

Kenneth Patrick

Kiana Crye

Kita Parker

Krishna Gudavalli

Lateak Mcneil

Laurie Stanley

Leah Nearhood

Leovigildo Adan

Linda Lee

Ludwin Chilin

Ma Guadalupe Garcia Velazquez

Marcell Green

Maria Candanedo-Ramos

Maria Cuarezma

Maria Martin

Marie Garcia

Martha Hernandez

Martina Claude

Matt Grant

Matthew Hopkins

Maxwell Ryder

Meagan Bostic

Megan Heard

Megan Proctor

Melanie Ramos

Mena Ortiz

Merical Lewis

Michael Argueta

Michael Bacon

Michelle Spencer

Miguel Cruz

Miguel Sepulveda

Mike Sodo

Mike Webb

Monica Beleiu

Moya King

Nathan Heun

Nathan Stevens

Nia Hendricks

Obe Dominguez

Patrick Brooks

Pauline Swai

Prasad Basnayaka

Raj Chudgar

Ralph Saccoccia

Ramon Politron

Red Benremila

Renee Vardaro

Richard Quaye

Rick Andrus

Roberto Garcia

Rodolfo Barbosa

Rose Dorado

Ruben Polin

Ryan Janson

Scott Miller

Scott Nally

Sean Boissonnault

Sere FelderScott

Shannon Price

Sharon Dowell

Sonny Highet

Sorany Marulanda

Stephen King

Stuart Miller

Susan Henderson

Sylvia Arrezola

Teri Tanaka

Tiesha Quinones

Tim Reardon

Todd Gorelick

Tom Single

Treddie Weaver Isom

Tyler Banks

Valerie Reyes

Vandareous Washington

Warren Brooks

Warren Cramton

Whitney Gore

William Bacon

William Joyce

Yanny Leon

Yordanys Perez Camejo

November Anniversaries - Congratulations!

17 Years

Jose Buston

11 Years

Raquel Garcia

10 Years

Mark Giorgio

Merical Lewis

Stuart Miller

9 Years

Victor Tapia

8 Years

Mackenzie Hood

7 Years

Cynthia Adams

Kemp Amason

Luis Anaya

6 Years

Aaron O'Farrell

Alex Colasuonno

Jennifer Mckeller

John Townsend

Jonathan Summerhays

Samuel Beck

Sophie Edwards

Treddie Weaver Isom


5 Years

Alice Shan

Alva Pulver

Ashley Victory

Brian Siebert

Colleen Wright

Crystal Hatcher

Eddie Rivera Martinez

Gregorio Cano

Joshua Kim

Kari Shiban

Marco Almanza

Maria Villagran

Martha Hernandez

Missy Warner

Natalie Negrete

Samantha Brodersen

4 Years

Adrian Castano

Danny deLeon

George Lai

Julie Moyers

Liliana Cruz

Liliana Gutierrez

Marco Tovar

Mayra Amaya

Michael Weier

Rebecca Bates

3 Years

Brett Beidel

Fredy Tejada

Jennifer Clavel

Joel Dossantos

Jose Lopez

Kamila Mendez

Karel Garza

Keevie Hooks

Marcus Medeiros

Pierre Robinson

2 Years

Alex Tebo

Alyssa Howard

Amanda Walker

Amanda Welk

Antoine Mcwhorter

Brittany Utley

Devin Andersen

Gerardo Rodriguez

Henry Malkwoski

Jessica Alvarez

Jessica Turner

Jiamin Ren

Joanna Esparza-Mora

Jorge Rodriguez

Jose Dominguez

Joshua Savage

Juanita Frias

Jurithzy Berrelleza

2 Years Continued

Kimberly Black

Luis Lopez

Luis Pena

Mac Lee

Marisol Camacho

Miguel Herrera

Monica Santillano

Ruoni Lee

Sammy Phillips

Tim Page

Trenell Brown

Trisha Minier

1 Year

Aaron Casero

Aaron Hart

Agustin Alvarez

Andrew Diaz

Ashley Rizzo

Charles Smith

David Smeltz

Douglas Kilgore

Elisa Martinez

Emiley Salinas

Erika Solis

Francine Gutierrez

Gregory Sprague

Guillermo Torres

Hery Hermoso Rojas

Ignacio Castellanos

1 Year Continued

Jamal Walker

James Lowe

James Thomas

Jesus Cordero

Joe Hildenbrandt

Joe Roca

Julio Montes

Kattaleen Benson

Kiana Crye

Malcolm Nichols

Marinel Castillo

Michael Fleming

Moi O Donnell

Nash Sultan

Olivia Brown

Phillip Guthier

Roberto Tovar

Ruel Apruebo

Saidu Conteh

Shanetra Lewis

Shannel Robinson

Silvanus Carver

Sorany Marulanda

Stefania Castillo Gueche

Susan Henderson

Velvet Santos

Vicente Kawaguchi

Vincent Bryant

The Bridge Senior Living team raised over $16,000 for Walk to End Alzheimer's and participated in the walk on Saturday, October 7. 

Bridge’s Louis Klein, will be speaking at this year’s Distressed CRE Forum on September 26 in NYC. Joined by “The world is shifting to powering nearly everything – including commercial buildings – with sunlight.” Bridge Renewable Energy’s CIO, Adam Haughton, shares his thoughts on the evolving landscape. Learn more about the Bridge Renewable Energy strategy here:

“The continued adoption of e-commerce and realignment of supply chains to just-in-case from just in time inventories has created strong demand for industrial real estate across the U.S.” Bridge Net Lease’s co-CIO, Matt Tucker, shares his thoughts on the sector's tailwinds. Learn more about the Bridge Net Lease strategy here:

This month, teams across Bridge attended local annual #LightTheNight events, a special gathering to honor, remember, and support blood cancer patients and their families. This year’s event raised over $1.1 million. Bridge is proud to be a flagship corporate sponsor of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night, as well as support the expanded treatment opportunities with the Dare to Dream Project and scholarships for blood cancer survivors.

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