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Bridge Women's Network

Our mission is to be the firm’s key resource and point of advocacy for the most current research, programming, practices and opportunities for dialogue and collaboration, and to provide a firm-wide platform to recruit and promote female career development, develop relationships internally between groups, and provide leadership opportunities.

2023 BWN Mentoring Program

The BWN Analyst & Associate Mentoring Program by The Bridge Women’s Network has started its third year in March. This year, the program has 45 mentee/mentor pairings, 9 additional mentors, and almost 100 participants. Its main goals are to provide support to junior female talent, connect female Analysts and Associates with senior mentors, increase engagement, and provide professional development. Mentees and mentors build trust, share experiences, and create long-term professional relationships through a two-way feedback partnership. Mentees are provided with resources, skill development programs, and networking opportunities, and are paired with a mentor for one-on-one meetings. The program year will end in early December, and the 2024 program will start in February.

2023 Women's Leadership Exchange

The BWN Leadership Exchange is in its second year. The program supports rising senior female talent and has twenty participants - female Bridge Directors and MDs promoted within the last three years. The objective is to develop leadership skills and learn from each other's experiences.

The upcoming Q2 sessions include roundtables with Chris Young, Partner Emeritus, and Co-Founder of Bridge Investment Group, and Olivia John, former head of Multifamily Real Estate at Blackstone. Last year's success prompted all members to stay in the cohort as we brought in new promoted individuals. The BWN Leadership Exchange is inspired by the Circles program and other peer female leadership development programs. Successful groups form lasting bonds.

2023 Women's History Month Panels, Podcasts & Interviews

International Women's Day Panel

BPM Leadership Panel

Women's History Month Podcast

Raise your hand, Say me!


"It’s wonderful if you have that person in your career that champions your abilities to others, but someone isn’t always going to be there to do it. Raise your hand! Put your name out there for that promotion or project. Say me!!! Be strong with who you are and how talented you are. You are more capable than you think. It’s okay to be confident and own your talents. I’ve always feared jumping into a new project or taking on a new role asking myself if I am capable. I have also caught myself waiting for confirmation from others that I am ready. Self-doubt holds you back and rarely does someone just tell you that you are ready. You are 100% there if your confident and just believed in yourself. You are capable."

Speak up and Speak out.


"It’s okay to speak up at a meeting, share ideas, or speak out against the status quo. Change doesn’t happen by agreeing with the masses and you sure won’t grow personally if you are only saying what the group wants to hear. Speak up share your thoughts and ideas. Even if your idea is not chosen it will start a conversation in which other ideas may be formed. I spent way too much time worrying about how I would be perceived. I’ve learned it’s good to speak up and it’s not bad for someone not to like your idea. Great conversations and great things have come from sharing!"

You've got This!


"There were many times in my career where I felt as though there was an insurmountable task ahead (or several!), yet somehow it always worked out.  Have confidence in your ability, trust your instincts and positive results will follow."

Spend Some Time on Yourself.


"Typically, focusing on myself was last on my list of “to dos.” Take time for yourself, relax, enjoy your time away from work, and promote self-care."

Ask more questions and be curious.


Asking questions leads to learning. I've become more curious over time, and it's helped me better understand my team's challenges and needs. By gaining insight into people's perspectives and motivations, I can empathize with their workload and better organize our schedules and staffing. Stay curious!

Make Mistkaes


"Yes, you need to make mistakes to learn. Nothing is perfect and sometimes you just need to try a few different things to overcome a challenge. You learn something every time you try. So, keep trying and keep making mistakes.


Find Posative Influences.


"Over my career, I have had many inspiring role models and mentors, but there are only a handful that I continue to stay in touch with to this day. Maintain relationships with people that you admire and trust."

Be Grateful.


"Celebrate your accomplishments. Take the time to thank those who have helped you along the way."

Past BWN Offereings

Things I Wish I Knew

Tammy Betz

Vice President - Bridge Property Management

Karen Balentine

Chief Operating Officer -

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