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November 1 - 15, 2023 with benefits taking effect January 1, 2024

Del 1 al 15 de noviembre de 2023 y los beneficios comenzarán efectivo 1 de enero de 2024

Employee Resources

2023 Benefits Highlights

2023 Holiday Schedule

Bridge Employee Store

Firmwide Calendar

Bridge Property List

Bridge Email Signatures

Restricted Stock Awards

2023 Payroll Calendar

New Hire Resources

Risk Connect Portal

Pipier Bewlay

Managing Director, HR & Inclusion

Krissy Cavin

Director, HR

Kelsey Meyer

Vice President, HR

Ashlee Kenner

Associate, HRBP (BPM)

Lauren Lashley

Associate, HRBP (Bridge Homes)

Estefany Perez

Associate, HRBP (Bridge Homes)

Shaye Mendel

Associate, Payroll

Bailey Neff

Analyst, Payroll

Henrique Medeiros

Analyst, HRBP (Corporate +)

Angela Ashner

Associate, HRBP (Bridge Office)

Ignacio Castellanos

Analyst, HRBP (BPM)

Danny deLeon

Associate, Talent Analytics

Sara Faddis

Vice President, Payroll

Stephanie Parkin

Associate, Payroll

Liz Kijowski

Associate, Benefits Administration

Maren Caldwell

Associate, DEI&B

Human Resources Team

Chris Holmes

Director, Talent Acquisition

Katrina Thomas

Associate, Talent Acquisition - SLC

Alyssa Howard

Associate, BSL

Talent Acquisition

Barbara Avila

Analyst, Talent Acquisition Partner - NC

Meagan Bostic

Analyst, Talent Acquisition Partner - NC

Christi Lunt

Associate, Talent Acquisition - Onboarding

Jeannette Pedregon

Associate, Talent Acquisition - Onboarding

Talent Acquisition Team

Alison Turner

Vice President, Talent Development

Karena Beckham

Associate, Talent Development - 

Robyn Saul

Associate, BSL Talent Development

Nick Reddoch

Associate, Digital Learning Specialist

Talent Development Team

Employee Resources

2023 Benefits Booklet

2023 Holiday Schedule

2023 Payroll Calendar

New Hire Resources

2023 Benefit FAQs



Paid after new hire completes 90 days of employment

$1,000 paid after 90 days, balance paid after 180 days of employment



$2,500 paid after 90 days, balance paid after 180 days of employment



$5,000 paid after 90 days, balance paid after 180 days of employment


MD and above

Updated Employee Referral Bonuses

  1. Log into your Workday portal using SSO (Single Sign-On). OR click the button at the bottom of this page to go directly to the list of jobs.

  2. On the landing page, select the Jobs Hub in the section titled Your Top Apps. If you do not see it there, click “View All Apps.” If you still do not see it there, click “Add Apps” and add it to your apps list.

  3. Click on the Jobs Hub.

  4. Click on the job you want to refer a friend to.

  5. Click the REFER button.

  6. Complete the required actions. Please note that the city, state, and zip code are required fields.

  7. Your friend will receive an email asking them to complete the application process.

  8. If they are hired and all the policy criteria are met, you will receive the bonus as noted in the schedule above.

How to Refer a Candidate in Workday


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