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Mentorship is an incredibly valuable experience that has the potential to transform both the mentor and the mentee. Mentors can provide guidance, support, and constructive feedback to help their mentee reach their goals and succeed in their personal or professional life. By participating in a mentorship program, individuals can gain a wealth of knowledge, build valuable connections, and develop the confidence they need to succeed.

Best Practices and Career Hub

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Mentorship at Bridge

30 - Minute Mentors

Bill Walton 

Basketball Legend 

Pat Williams

Orlando Magic Co-Founder

Deanna Mulligan

Former Fortune 250 CEO

Victor Rojas

Baseball Executive

Steve Klinsky

Forbes 400 Equity Leader

Reverse Mentoring

is a powerful tool that allows senior professionals to gain fresh perspectives from individuals in less senior roles and underrepresented groups. Through this process, they can better understand the challenges faced by people at different levels of the organization and work towards creating a more inclusive work environment. At the same time, junior employees get the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, gain new insights, and expand their network.


is when an influential person actively supports the career growth of a less experienced colleague. Unlike mentoring, sponsorship provides opportunities, visibility, and connections. It breaks down barriers, fosters diversity and inclusion, and accelerates talent development. Sponsorship is vital for individual and organizational growth.


is a supportive relationship between two individuals: an experienced professional and a less experienced colleague. The mentor provides guidance, advice, and wisdom to help the mentee grow professionally by setting goals, developing skills, and overcoming challenges. This invaluable tool fosters learning, enhances leadership skills, and promotes a sense of belonging within the organization, contributing to employee satisfaction and success.

Types of Mentorship

Debt &AMBS

Investor Experience

Logistics Properties

Newbury Partners

Opportunity Zones

Single Family

ESG & Renewable Energy

Logistics Net Lease





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