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Compliance Department

The Compliance department manages Bridge’s compliance, regulatory and reputational risks by ensuring we adhere to laws, rules and regulations. The department monitors trends and changes in regulations and develops policies and procedures.

The Trading Window is currently: CLOSED

If you require pre-clearance, submit a request using ComplySci

Useful Links

Compliance Policies & Procedures Manual

ComplySci (used for disclosures and pre-clearance)

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

2023 Annual Compliance Training Presentation

Agency MBS, Multifamily, Net Lease, Office, Opportunity Zone, Secondaries, Seniors Housing, Single Family Rental, Workforce and Affordable Housing

EU / International Coverage, Privacy

Agency MBS, Debt Strategies, ESG, Logistics Value, Solar

Who Should I Contact?

Anti-Money Laundering
Personal Compliance
Whistleblower Hotline

Please call (855) 863-6590 or email 

Frequently Asked Questions

Trading in BRDG Stock

  • Trading in BRDG Stock is prohibited during blackout periods. Blackout periods typically extend from two weeks before the end of the quarter to two days after quarterly earnings are released but can occur at any time. Employees are free to transact during the open window (except for certain employees with confidential information who need pre-clearance).

Restricted Securities

Click here to view the Restricted Securities List (updated 07.02.2024)

This list is subject to change at any moment. If you have questions, please contact the Compliance department before trading.

Brokerage Accounts & Personal Trading

  • You must disclose all accounts in ComplySci that allow holding or trading of securities (e.g., stocks, options, bonds, etc.), regardless of if you actually trade in them and/or even if you are planning to close it. This includes E*Trade account that hold Bridge RSAs.  

  • Click here for instructions on how to disclose an account.

  • Employees must obtain pre-approval from Compliance before trading in securities in the restricted list. All approved trades must be executed within 5 business days. When in doubt, do not trade.

  • Click here for instructions on how to preclear a trade.

Political Contributions

  • Pre-clearance in ComplySci is required for contributions to (a) Political officials; (b) State and local political contributions; (c) Political party; or (d) PAC. If you set up a recurring donation (e.g., $50 each month) pre-clearance is required for EACH contribution date. All approved contributions must be made with 5 business days.

Gifts & Entertainment

  • Whether given or received, any bestowal of money, any item of value, service, loan, thing or promise, discount or rebate for which something of equal or greater value is not exchanged is a gift. Travel, entertainment and food are considered Gifts and monetary and in-kind contributions made to charitable causes connected to, or at the specific request of, private fund investors or their representatives are also treated as Gifts for purposes of the Advisers’ compliance policies. All gifts or entertainment greater than $100 need to be reported/tracked in ComplySci. Any gift in excess of $500 needs prior Compliance approval. All gifts to government connected entities (e.g., CalPERS, CalSTRS) need prior Compliance approval.

Investing in Bridge Funds

  • All investors (including Employees) in a fund or other vehicle sponsored by Bridge must be eligible to invest according to applicable securities laws and the requirements of the respective fund documents (i.e., qualify as both an accredited investor and a qualified purchaser). A potential investor can satisfy both requirements by being a “knowledgeable employee.” A knowledgeable employee requires a certain level of seniority and/or involvement in the investment activities of the fund that they seek to qualify for. Qualifying as a knowledgeable employee for one fund doesn’t necessarily qualify them for all funds.

Use of Social Media

  • Employees may not post specific information about their role or work responsibilities on social media. Employees are not permitted to use their personal social media for business purposes. Employees may not discuss Bridge’s advisory business on any social media website without Compliance approval.

Business Communication

  • Use Bridge email for all Fund and investor related business-related communications. If someone messages you on an unapproved communication platform (e.g., texting, iMessage, WhatsApp, etc.) redirect the conversation to a firm-approved communication platform and email a copy of the communication to your work email for recordkeeping.

Preferred Brokers

  • Morgan Stanley;

  • Fidelity;

  • Robinhood;

  • Charles Schwab;

  • E*Trade;

  • Merrill Lynch;

  • TDAmeritrade;

  • Vanguard;

  • UBS; and

  • Wells Fargo

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