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Bridge Advocates for Accessibility Committee

Jared Forsgren


Matt DeGraw

Executive Sponser

Krissy Cavin

Blake Peeper

Alex Colasuonno

Colleen Wright

Martha Agarwal

Katrina Thomas

Tamara Betz

Bridge Advocates For Accessibility

"BAFA's" mission is to create an accessible and inclusive environment for people with disabilities while identifying opportunities to effectively recruit, hire, retain and promote employees with disabilities. We will work to drive education and awareness to increase positive advocacy and allyship between coworkers for accommodation and increased accessibility and support for people with disabilities.

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Panel Discussion

BAFA has partnered with Promise2Live to promote Suicide Prevention and raise awareness. Promise2Live encourages individuals to promise to seek help when they are feeling sad, depressed, or suicidal. If you or someone you know is struggling, you can find resources here. 


Get mental health support through Bridge's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Headspace. For more information, see the benefits guide or the resources section of this page.

Neurodiversity at Work

Strategies for Employers and Employees: read here

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May is Mental Health
Awareness Month:
Talking About Mental
Health as a Leader

Mental Health Awareness month is the time for raising awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues. By promoting mental health awareness and providing resources and support, Bridge can help employees prioritize their mental health and improve their overall well-being.

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