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2024 AAPI Heritage Month Theme: Advancing Leaders Through Innovation

This year's theme, "Advancing Leaders Through Innovation," pays tribute to the visionaries and trailblazers who have shaped our history and continue to influence our collective future. Innovation, resilience, and a pioneering spirit are the cornerstones of American leadership. AAPI leaders have made lasting contributions to our nation's economic prosperity, technological advancements, and social and political change through their ingenuity and creativity, while overcoming significant cultural and systemic barriers.

On March 28, 1979, President Carter declared the first Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week. This resolution was proposed by Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye, who recognized the significant contributions of Asian/Pacific Americans to the creation of a dynamic American society. Presidents Carter, Reagan, and George H.W. Bush continued this tradition by annually designating a week in May as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week for the next ten years.

May 7th, 1990, marked a historic moment in the United States when President George H.W. Bush designated May as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month to recognize the contributions of Asian and Pacific Americans. Since then, it has been celebrated annually to honor their cultural contributions.

This AAPI Heritage Month, let's honor the invaluable contributions of AAPI women and men who have shaped history and enriched our communities through their diverse talents and achievements. Learn more here.

It started as a week...

A week becomes a month

Honoring AAPI Men & Women

Lunar New Year Across Bridge

Allies For AAPI

Our mission is to recognize and address the uniqueness and diversity of the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) population, to educate the general public on the various heritage of this broad group, to promote the positive image and contribution AAPI has made to America, to meet each group’s specific needs, and to address the unique challenges of our AAPI population and to support their career advancement.

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