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Bridge Branding Guidelines, Templates & Proper Usage

Email Signature Templates & Primary Logos


Calibri Light should be used as the main font for emails, email signatures, and other communications. 

Calibri Bold may be used to emphasize specific deadlines or information but should not be used excessively.

*Asterisks and italics may also be used sparingly for vital information.

Please avoid using highlighted text or red text in any final versions of communications.

Primary Brand Colors

Secondary Brand Colors

"Energetic Green"

Hex color code #00D900

"Bridge Black"

Hex color code #000000

"Wall White"

Hex color code #FFFFFF

"Collaborative Cloud"

Hex color code #F2F2F2

"Passionate Platinum"

Hex color code #D3D3D3

"On-the-Ground Gray"

Hex color code #323638

"Eco Emerald"

Hex color code #00B86D

"Built-to-Last Blue"

Hex color code #00A9B0

"Transparency Teal"

Hex color code #006564

Primary colors, as seen in the logo, should be used in all communications. Secondary colors may be used sparingly. If you have any questions about the use of the brand colors, please reach out to Dana Brandle at and Community Engagement at

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