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Practice makes better - Rehearse but be authentic

Actively listen and be present 

Take appropriate notes

Know the law and be a steward of Bridge

Be organized and present yourself well

Things To Remember

Your Selection Criteria/Competencies

Review the resume and job description and be knowledgeable

Talking points about Bridge and your department/vertical 

Your appearance and the interview space should be tidy

You interview team should have an organized plan

Things to Prepare


Interview Structure

Welcome & introductions – 5 minutes

Review the role, sell Bridge & your team – 5 minutes

Review background & experience – 10 minutes

Ask experience and technical skill related questions – 10 minutes

Soft Skills & behavioral questions – 10 minutes

Questions from the candidate – 10 minutes

Close – 10 minutes

WHY BRIDGE note: relate your speech to the details you heard the candidate say are important to them in the interview. Appeal to their aspirations and goals.

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