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We view Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (“ESG”) as an imperative and are committed to integrating and operationalizing ESG to improve our decision-making and risk management.

Q3 Focus: Water Conservancy

Did you know?

Only 3.5% of water on Earth is fresh water we can drink! 

Water is a precious resource. It accounts for ~75% of human body weight, and our bodies cannot survive without it. Using water carefully is important for our economy, our health, and local ecosystems.

Check out the “Water Footprint Calculator” to see your impact and learn  the best ways to reduce your use.

Ways You Can Make a Difference

1. Upgrade to water-efficient appliances

2. Reduce shower time and fix leaks

3. Cut back on landscape watering

4. Reduce food waste & eat plant-based foods

Access the training above for FREE through Verdani: 
1. Go to  the course for water efficiency here.
4. Click on the buy button. 
5. Create a New Account – enter your name, work email*, and set up your own password.
6. Click on “Have a Coupon” and enter your coupon code BIG2023  
7. Click “Apply”  
8. Total price should be $0  
9. Click “Enroll Now”  

ESG  Committee Sponsors

Salt Lake City

Adam O'Farrell


Matt Burkett


Mark Ferris

New York City

Pete LaMassa

San Mateo

Isela Rosales

ESG Corporate Committee Members

San Mateo

Isela Rosales

San Mateo

Jenifer Wong


Amy King


Drake Mulkey


Kia Brumfield

Salt Lake City

Trace Olson

Salt Lake City

Lindsay Clark

Salt Lake City

Kyle Hendricksen

Salt Lake City

Kasey Huber


Jennifer Walker

New York

Alexis Larcenaire


Michael Atwood


Anna Benjamin


Laura Wolf


Dorthy Pauch


Giancarilo Gonzales

Q3 Focus

Water Conservation

Q4 Focus

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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