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The Role Brief Meeting

Getting Prepared

Sourcing and Vetting Candidates

The recruiting process begins with a call to develop a partnership between the hiring manager and the Talent Partner. On this call we will discuss:

  • A review of the role and some logistics

  • Identify your hiring team and lay out the interview process

  • How to have a Diverse and Inclusive hiring process

  • Interview assessment criteria 

  • Navigating the feedback process

  • Hiring team members responsibilities and what to expect from your TA partner

Before the call you should prepare a list of:

  • Skills and experience that are required or necessary for a candidate to be successful in the role

  • Additional skills and experience that would be advantageous but not totally necessary

  • Personality traits or soft skills that have historically proven successful

  • Reasons someone would want to come and join your team in this role

  • Logistical details such as the location’s the role can be based, any flexibility in the level or background, your budgeted comp range

The sourcing process. You can expect your TA partner to:

  • Cast a wide net and source candidates for your role

  • Conduct phone calls with potential candidates and perform an initial vetting​

  • Share viable options with you frequently in preparation for interviews

The Recruiting Process

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