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Manager Excellence Program

Monthly trainings to become better leaders and collaborate as One Bridge

2023 Trainings

January 2023

Organizational Energy

Organizational Energy introduces managers to a tool to diagnose team dynamics and engagement as well as peer to peer learning opportunities to gain and implement best practices to keep teams performing at their highest levels. In this program you will have the opportunity to workshop actual team challenges and get feedback on how to overcome them.

February 2023

Inspirational Leadership

This course focuses on helping managers and leaders learn how to create a more inclusive environment on their teams. We'll also go over the mechanics of unconscious bias, and micro-aggressive behavior and help you recognize opportunities to modify and elevate your behavior which is the catalyst for the dynamic energy in your teams.

March 2023

Motivate Teams with Effective Communication

Highly motivated employees equate to higher levels of productivity. But how do you make sure your team is motivated? This session dives into elements involved in keeping motivation levels high, including the role of communication and the importance of culture. 

April 2023

Delegating & Coaching

Knowing when and how to delegate is one of the most important characteristics of leadership, and being an effective coach is a high-level skill. During this session, you will have the opportunity to practice delegating tasks in smalls groups and you will also learn practical coaching techniques that you can begin using right away to elevate your employee’s skillset.

July 2023

Interviewing Skills

Turning interviewees into successful new hires takes skill and practice. Being a great interviewer is not something most of us come by naturally. This session will help you sharpen your skills to better understand candidate potential to contribute to Bridge and your team as well as ensure unconscious biases do not get in the way of hiring a great candidate.

August 2023

Elevating Team Performance

This course will help you get the most from your team. We will use the Stages of Team Development anchored with the Bridge Core Values to help you understand how to lead your team as it changes, grows, and evolves and provide tools and best practices for creating team unity. 

September 2023

Managing Performance Challenges

At some point in your career as a manager and leader, you will need to manage employees having performance challenges. This program will equip you to confidently have difficult discussions with your people, leverage tools to effectively document performance challenges, and implement performance improvement plans, and help you understand how to best partner with HR to manage risk.

October 2023

Thriving in Leadership

Elevate your leadership, lead with confidence, and drive your people to success! In this session, discover skillsets and strategies that spark creativity and empower excellence. Join your colleagues in an interactive, thought-provoking exercise designed to uncover your strengths. Don't miss this opportunity to thrive as a leader!

November 2023

Feedback Techniques

Feedback should be provided to employees continuously and in a timely manner. In this interactive training session, you’ll have the opportunity to learn techniques to effectively deliver both positive and constructive feedback. You’ll also learn practical approaches that will help you manage reactions to help ensure your feedback has the intended impact and improves employee performance.

December 2023


Coming soon





Stop Managing, Start Leading | Hamza Khan

According to Hamza, managing millennials and knowledge workers the way we used to manage traditional factory workers can be disastrous. Speaking through his own experience of being managed and alternatively as a manager, Hamza makes the case that millennials must be lead, instead of managed and given autonomy to complete their tasks, so that they may grow and reach their full potential.

What Great Managers Do -Harvard Business Review

Great leaders tap into the needs and fears we all share. Great managers, by contrast, perform their magic by discovering, developing, and celebrating what’s different about each person who works for them. Here’s how they do it.

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