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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging


We are committed to building and maintaining a talented and diverse workforce, as well as supporting an environment of trust and respect for all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. 

Conducting Inclusive Interviews with Diverse Candidates

Within this section you will find resources to help create an inclusive and diverse interviewing experience.

Creating an inclusive and diverse interview process is vital to establish a great candidate experience for all potential employees. Our goal with any interview should not only be to identify the best possible candidates but to leave EVERY candidate we meet with a feeling of “what a great place to work.”

Aside from candidate experience, it's proven that ensuring equity and inclusion throughout the hiring steps will make the process more effective, and by extension, lead to a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

CONSIDER: When building your interview process with your TA Partner, take the time to consider who will take part in interviewing and are you ensuring a diverse mix of interviews from a cross section of backgrounds? Including a strong mix of backgrounds, communities and business levels provides a diverse set of opinions, allows the candidate to explore our business from different perspectives, and can help limit unconscious bias.

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