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Bridge Mission & Values and Firmwide Goals

Bridge Mission & Values

We believe our specialized investment professionals, deep operational knowledge, and active asset management are critical to achieving above-market returns in the carefully curated sectors in which we invest. We also believe success and differentiated results can only be achieved through hard work, integrity, and attracting the best professionals by offering equal opportunity for all.


  • We emphasize teamwork in everything we do. We thrive on collaboration, hard work and open and honest communication.

  • We forge strong and inclusive relationships, trust each other, and win as a team.



  • We strive to be the best performing firm in our industry.

  • We take pride in our performance and celebrate our achievements.

  • We do what is right – for the right reasons.



  • We stand behind our word and strive for continuous improvement in all that we do.

  • We face facts and realities, and we embrace challenges.



  • We empower our people to reach their full potential.

  • We cultivate a diverse and inclusive culture of disciplined analysis and action. We believe that diversity is the only path to superior performance.



  • We develop specialized investment and operating teams that have deep sectoral knowledge of the areas in which we invest.

  • We use data, carefully analyzed and fully vetted, to complement decades of experience in guiding our investment decisions.



  • We consistently reexamine how we operate and seek innovative solutions to improve our performance at the asset level, at the fund level, and at the corporate level.

  • New ideas are carefully examined and adopted if appropriate.



  • We strive to invest and operate responsibly.

  • We understand that responsible investing does not sacrifice returns but should in fact enhance risk and return characteristics through deliberate and thoughtful application of Environmental, Social and Governance best practices.

Bridge Firmwide Goals

Bridge must always be a place where each of us contributes to industry leading performance, loves what we do, are proud of our performance, and reap real benefit for our efforts. We must bring an unwavering dedication to execute our mission and stay true to our core values, to the benefit all of our stakeholders – our investors and shareholders, residents and tenants, the communities in which we operate, and each other. To do this it is imperative that we:

Commit to Industry Leading Performance and Growth and seek to position Bridge as one of

the ten most prominent, respected, and influential organizations in our industry. In practice this means within the next five years:

    o Double in Assets in Under Management (AUM).

    o Be recognized as one of the preeminent private equity real estate firms globally.


Act as One Bridge: We are one organization with many diverse and inter-related constituent parts. Teamwork is a core part of our culture and critical to our success. As we grow, delivering tangible value to our key stakeholders is more important than ever. It is critical for us to:

     o Break down barriers between our verticals to better share and implement best practices,

        align technologies, implement operational efficiencies, and reinforce the Bridge culture.

     o Ensure strong, productive communication and collaboration and a shared sense of

        priorities and ownership for outcomes between our shared services and vertical teams to

        enable and drive productivity.

     o Strengthen recognition and visibility of the Bridge reputation and brand through our

        collective actions.

Drive Operational Excellence: Operational excellence must be focused on the value we deliver to our stakeholders. We are at our best when this value is derived from a seamless, One Bridge approach to teamwork.

     o Strive to be best in class in all that we do. Honestly and rigorously evaluate our

        performance, knowing that we can always be better.

     o Continued innovation among our vertical operating teams to be cost efficient and

         increase asset NOI/ROI. Target more Preqin top quartile ranked funds.

     o Proactively seek to identify, share, and adopt technology, ESG, business process, and

        leasing solutions to drive innovation. Do more with less and ensure that we are laser

        focused on the most impactful and important operational priorities for our businesses

        and how they deliver value across our entire stakeholder set.

     o Incorporate a One Bridge philosophy into all that we do.

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