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Background to the rebrand:

Why Now:

What's Next:

With the various pressures that "ESG" has been facing, namely within the U.S., we have opted to begin highlighting different terminology that we hope will strike a more neutral cord and more accurately convey the purpose and intentions of our programs at Bridge. Since the founding of the sustainable development movement, there have been many different evolutions in the naming of this work and its related initiatives and commitments. From the early days of Corporate Social Responsibility to "green" sustainable programs and ultimately broad uses of the ESG acronym, there have been many different ways to refer to the essential discipline of responsible business practices. Notably in recent years, there has been much more regulation and consolidation of frameworks that will further clarify and standardize this work.

Based on the way that the trends are changing, we feel it is timely to keep pace with market leaders who are shifting away from ESG titling towards further adoption of Sustainability. We also seek to create deeper alignment with Bridge's Core Values, which include "Responsibility", hence our recommendation to shift titling to “Sustainability & Responsibility.” This titling shift also aligns well with our pursuit of “profits alongside sustainability and social responsibility” which is an important part of Bridge’s foundational commitment to People and Planet. Furthermore, we recognize that amid the range of global and domestic investor interests, we want to strike the right balance of having productive dialogues that emphasize Bridge’s focus on driving operational value, financial resilience, thoughtful investment and risk management, and impactful experiences for our stakeholders (internal and external).

While the core elements of Bridge’s ESG program will remain the same with environmental, climate and resiliency, social, and governance-related work, our headlining external labels will shift from “ESG” to “Sustainability & Responsibility.” This will be reflected on the Bridge website in the coming weeks as well as in our next Annual Report. Similar to last year, our Annual Report will be published in two parts – 1) Executive Summary (i.e. Cliff Notes version) by early April and 2) Full Report (which will also be externally assured) by late May / early June.

Nature Needs Us: Protecting Nature & Our Parks

Did You Know?

The National Park Service manages almost 70 million pounds of waste annually

The National Park System comprises of 423 national park sites, while only 63 of them have the "National Park" designation in their names.

Perks of City Parks

City parks help clean the air and improve public health while also strengthening local economies and creating job opportunities by attracting residents and businesses.

Ways You Can Make a Difference

1. If you pack it in, pack it out - leave no trace. Never leave trash or food waste except in trash bins and designated areas.

2. Observe all wildlife from a distance. Do not follow or approach them, and do not feed them.

3. Look with your eyes, not your hands. Leave rocks, plants, and other natural objects as you find them. 

4. Stay on designated trails and pathways.

5. Be a role model - your actions make a difference!

Our Q1 Giveback Initiative

For our Q1 Bridge Green-focused event, we are hosting a raffle for annual passes to all National Parks. For every dollar donated, you will be entered into the raffle for a pass! Donations close on February 29, 2024 and the winners of the drawing will be announced the first week of March.

Free Sustainable Real Estate Courses

Through our sustainability consultant Verdani Partners, all Bridge employees have FREE access to real estate expert insights on the Thinkific Platform with the code BIG2024. We highly encourage everyone to take at least one course this year as part of your ongoing professional development to learn more about how we can advance sustainability for our building portfolios at Bridge.

RECOMMENDED COURSES: GRESB Reporting Strategies & Best Practices | Due Diligence & New Acquisitions | GHG Management | ESG Best Practices for New Development

How to Access Courses for Free:

  1. Go to Thinkific here.

  2. Go to "All Courses."

  3. Select the course you wish to take.

  4. Click on "Buy Course."

  5. Create a new account using your name, work email, and password.

  6. Click on "Have a Coupon" and enter the coupon code BIG2024.

  7. Click "Apply." This should set the price to $0.

  8. Click "Enroll Now."

LinkedIn Learning through Workday

Sustainability & Responsibility Corporate Committee Members

San Mateo

Isela Rosales

Salt Lake

Lindsay Clark

San Mateo

Jenifer Wong

Salt Lake

Trace Olson

Salt Lake

Kyle Hendricksen

Salt Lake

Kasey Huber


Drake Mulkey

New York

Stephen Connor


Amy King


Kia Brumfield


Michael Atwood

Newport Beach

Dorota Pauch

Committee Sponsors

Salt Lake City

Adam O'Farrell


Matt Burkett


Mark Ferris

New York City

Pete LaMassa

San Mateo

Isela Rosales

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