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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Topic Interview Questions

Creating a diverse and inclusive work environment is not only important to Bridge’s continued success but a cornerstone of our culture. Being able to assess and understand a potential employee’s thoughts on this topic can be hugely important when deciding if they are a good fit for your team and the organization.

Below you will find some interview question examples that will help you assess this and that may want to include in your interviews:

  • Can you share with us what diversity and inclusion mean to you? Why do you think they are essential?

  • Can you give me an example of how you can help promote diversity and inclusion within a company? 

  • How do you approach understanding the perspective of a coworker whose background differs from yours? 

  • Can you share a time when you worked with a colleague with a different background/culture than yours and how you were able to build a successful relationship recognizing those differences? 

  • As a leader, can you give me an example of how you make your direct reports feel included and welcome within the team? 

  • Can you tell me how you have or plan to enhance your understanding and knowledge of DEI? 

  • How do you advocate for inclusivity in the workplace? 

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