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April BIG Stars

Michael Weier

Director, ESDM | BIG Information Technology

Mike has started a weekly Agile check-in call with our Admin team. We are able to share goals, tasks, projects and accomplishments that we are working on. The most important part of that call is when he asks, "Is there anything I can do?" He makes sure to close with asking if there are any concerns, issues, or obstacles. This is very important to the team. Mike is not just a boss, but a leader that inspires and mentors. He also incorporates key business strategies such as delegation, thoughtfulness, facilitating open communication, and setting clear expectations. Mike goes above and beyond to align with our business partners and ensure his team is focused on those outcomes, establishing an efficient One Bridge approach for his team.

Lauren Hansen & Tyler Parra

Administrative Assistants | Bridge Property Management

Tyler and Lauren are relatively new to the BPM team but absolutely stood out as key members with the planning and execution of the BPM Leadership Conference this month. The event included an awards dinner with 650 employees and sponsors in attendance, a giveback project partnering with Pretty Tough Ladies, and the coordination of travel and accommodation for BPM leaders.

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