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The hiring team's responsibility doesn't stop when an interview is completed. A large part of successfully identifying great hires at Bridge happens after the interview. Following this advice can help you be effective as you select the person you want to hire and extend the offer. 


Giving effective feedback is a powerful tool, any candidate who takes the time to interview is entitled to it and for the hiring team it is helpful to practice sharing feedback. This helps the hiring team to understand the role and assesses the candidates based on the necessary competencies and personality traits needed.

Below are a few best practices that you should always follow when giving feedback:

  • Take notes during the interview – be precise prepared to expand when needed.

  • Don’t wait! – give feedback to your TA Partner right after the interview so it is fresh.

  • Follow the process – all feedback should be entered into Workday with a more in depth follow up call/email with your TA Partner to follow.

  • Keep feedback concise, professional and relevant to the role.

  • Don’t be vague!

  • Ensure you include positive feedback as well as actionable critique.

  • Be consistent and structured with all of your feedback.

  • If you are the manager collect feedback from other interviewers, so your selection process is informed.


The offer negotiation process is one of, if not the most important part of the hiring process. Ensuring we make a compelling, welcoming offer initially will have a huge impact on successfully securing the best possible talent.


Below are a few best practices to always follow when making an offer:

  • Understand the candidate – make sure you know what compensation they are looking for as well as what is important to them outside of the base compensation. Knowing your candidate and being prepared will appeal to them during a negotiation.

  • Negotiate – Do not take a negotiation personally or as a sign of disinterest it is VERY common.

  • Soft Close – Your TA Partner should discuss a hypothetical offer before making it formal. This gives you time to adjust your initial offer, so it is appealing.

  • Be decisive, if you like them other companies do too! – don’t wait to long to deliver an offer to a candidate you are excited about. Show your interest!

  • Don’t low ball – never make a low offer just to see if they would accept. This devalues the candidate and opens us up to a declined offer or a lengthy negotiation. This will not leave the candidate excited to join Bridge and can hurt our reputation in the market.

  • Develop a plan with your TA partner – understand the budget and where you are able to negotiate before you start the offer process.

  • What else can you offer? – if you can’t offer more money what other benefits should you offer to add value?

Sharing Feedback

Offer Process

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